Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Colin

29 years ago today he was born and the world hasn't been the same since...

Growing up little girls dream of their future spouse - I was no different, but never in my dreams did I imagine someone quite as amazing as Colin. He has changed me for the better, is an example to all who know him, and I love and appreciate all he does for me. There are more than 29 reasons I love this boy, but I thought I would start with just that....

1. FUNNY - Nobody can make me laugh harder
2. Imaginative - The Scenarios that play out in his head are incredible
3. Friendly - I gave him the nickname "Coli-spaniel" early on
4. Talented - If I can dream it, he can build it
5. Ambitious - Maybe because he is so talented he feels comfortable with having big dreams
6. Big Hearted - He will always ask how I am feeling if, or if someone is okay when he knows things haven't been going so well. 
7. Excited about Life
8. Compassionate - He is always offering to help those less fortunate
9. Honest - He can be blunt, or embarrass his wife, but never tells a lie
10. He plays my games 
11. Generous - Except with his cupcakes
12. Smells Amazing
13. Can say he is Sorry 
14. Knows how to have a good time - Karaoke!
15. Silly - Ask him to make up a song on the spot... you will see what I mean
16. Brave - He always checks out the bumps in the night
17. Loyal 
18. He loves songs you get to yell when you sing 
19. Smart - Still remembers how to do every math equation
20. Athletic - He can still bust out back-handsprings and flips with no problem
21. Curious - He MUST know how it works and why
22. He lets me be me - Never once has he asked me to be different than I am
23. Hard Working - Even on his days off he is working on something
24. Authentic - I don't think he could be fake if he wanted to
25. Supportive 
26. Loving
27. Gentle - I love to see him with kids, he is so sweet
28. So Cute - I never get jealous when girls check him out... how could I blame them?
29. FUN - Never a dull moment in the last 3 years, or I'm sure the 29 of his life

Happy Birthday Babe!

Here are some of my favorite Colin Videos....


Heather said...

Love it. Colin is such a great guy and I am glad you two have each other-you are perfect for one another. Happy Birthday Colin!

And have a good day Tiny. (Love that too. :)

♥Tami said...

Love the videos! They made me laugh out loud!
Happy Birthday, Colin! And thanks for sharing your day with my Liam! I'm sure it's not what you would have picked, but he thinks it's pretty cool just like you!

adrianne said...

Happy Birthday Colin! Hannah may be a close second behind you... whenever I say anything about you, she always shifts the conversation to Colin. She's obsessed... and with good reason I think.

laura said...

Happy birthday Coli-Spaniel!! Next time I see you, I wanna hear a made up song on the spot. I can totally see him loving songs that you get to yell when you sing. I think I have seen him do that a few times! Oh and love the snoring with laundry all over him. He really can sleep through anything can't he? :)

Cheryl said...

that's my boy! you totally got a bead on him! happy birthday- colie gokie! (ask grandma about that nickname)

Momma Drama said...

He does snore loud, just like you said.
You have the perfect man. I'm glad he plays your games, your games are always fun.

Anonymous said...