Monday, December 29, 2008

There's No Place Like Home

I don't think there is anything more comforting than Christmas with your family. Christmas is magical and fun - add your family and it's all the better. Every time we go home (Christmas or not) my parent's don't hold back on the fun (and food), and there really isn't much resistance from us girls.  I guess it's their tactic - leaving us always wanting more. 
I'm glad to say that I assisted in Colin's first white Christmas. Seattle was so white and full of snow we we're actually worried we would never make it. While cabin fever did set in around day 3 we still loved every minute. I can regret the extra lbs later...

Lets Start it off with double of the girl who 
has never shied away from the camera!!!

She takes so many pictures it drives her husband to drink!
(J/K - it's one of the many root beers consumed)

Dad and his girlfriend Lilly

Hey Mom, I know about this party....

Colin's first snow man (well, Hockey Man)

Adam, the snow native, showed him how it is done.

Mama getting ready for WhirlyBall. 

WhirlyBall involves electric carts, plastic scoops, a wiffle ball, 
and apparently when you play with competitive boys, lots of bruises.

We were all still friends in the end.

Dad making his famous pancakes

Snow from the Car

It's tradition to all get pedicures together while we're home...

Yep, even the boys!

Sisterly Love

(they were sharing the blanket before I took the picture)

Girls doing a little shopping

Laura couldn't pass up another photo-Op

All that fun was exhausting...

Close your mouth Mary!

Thanks Mom and Dad for a Great Christmas!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

This really is my favorite time of the year. Even in Arizona when our winter lows are at 50 degrees I still love Christmas music, dressing in fuzzy sweaters and making festive gifts. I hope each year that I will gain new Holiday Inspiration for something creative to make or yummy bake. This year, I was thinking more on the "Budget Friendly" side of things. I can't quite let go of giving holiday cheer altogether, but I was sure I could be a little more thrifty in my finds. Admittedly, I have a tendency to go over-the-top and spend much of my days scouring the Internet for the latest in all things holiday. I'm constantly getting sidetracked by the beautiful things I have found. I need to remind myself that delight does not reside in things, but the real gift that Christmas brings...hey, I can rhyme!

Nothing says Happy Holidays like Homemade Treats and Ugly Sweaters.....

Sugar Cookies Made with Love

Red and Blue was my theme this year

Ugly Sweater Party - I think we won!

Someone couldn't get enough of the photos...

Lloyd Christmas was the hit of the Party

Now tilt your head to the left - Yeah, that looks good

Wow, That Was Swell!

I feel so warm and Fuzzy in my Poinsettia Ensemble