Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Extreme Room Makeover

I love that show Extreme Home Makeover (even though I can't manage to watch without bawling). I only wish I had the skills to apply to be on the show and be on that design team. I love when they all run out of the house and hug the family. Below are photos of our room makeover. I wish I had before pictures... it was pretty crusty.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Karaoke FREAK!

Many of you know that Colin has an obsession. No, not with just ATV's, video games, food, or with his darling wife! It is with Karaoke. Any excuse to get out the microphones and he will. Every couple we have for dinner, friend that we talk to, and every person that stops by, usually gets an invitation. Please note: the invitation will sound like he wants you to sing, but really it is just an opportunity for him to show you his skills. We have SEVEN games and apparently there is a new one coming out that is better than all the rest. If I took a picture of every person that was conned into singing I could easily fill this blog. While he continues to make me laugh, and is totally entertaining, I think it might have gone too far. Consider yourself warned!

Look at the passion.... just try and stop him!