Thursday, April 1, 2010

Three Months

I can't believe how time is speeding by. The amount I have been told to "enjoy this time" is countless and lately I have really understood what that means. Everyday is a new milestone and Hudson seems to be changing overnight. In the blink of an eye he has...

Gone from 8lbs 7oz to 14lbs 7oz

1 Month

2 Months

3 Months

Sleeping through the night and in his own room... YES!

Smiling and Interacting

Gained the Yummiest Physique... I Could Squish those Thighs All Day

Loving the Bath

Bonding with Daddy

Meeting Distant Family

Being Blessed

My Darling Hudson:

I never get enough of you. I spend all day, every day with you and can miss you when you're napping. I'm in love with your blue eyes, 4 chins, rubber-band wrists, baby boy voice, gummy smile and how there is never a time where you won't rest your head on my shoulder and let me cuddle you. You have taught me to use ALL of my heart and to love in a new way. There is no denying that being a Mother is hard work and endless, but I wouldn't change a minute of the sleepless nights, poop, spit-up and crying. I'm so fortunate to be your Mom and to say I feel blessed is a vast understatement. You are the thing I am most proud of and most protective over. Never will I be the same and only for the better. I'm overwhelmed that you chose us to be your parents and I thank you for that.