Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Colin

29 years ago today he was born and the world hasn't been the same since...

Growing up little girls dream of their future spouse - I was no different, but never in my dreams did I imagine someone quite as amazing as Colin. He has changed me for the better, is an example to all who know him, and I love and appreciate all he does for me. There are more than 29 reasons I love this boy, but I thought I would start with just that....

1. FUNNY - Nobody can make me laugh harder
2. Imaginative - The Scenarios that play out in his head are incredible
3. Friendly - I gave him the nickname "Coli-spaniel" early on
4. Talented - If I can dream it, he can build it
5. Ambitious - Maybe because he is so talented he feels comfortable with having big dreams
6. Big Hearted - He will always ask how I am feeling if, or if someone is okay when he knows things haven't been going so well. 
7. Excited about Life
8. Compassionate - He is always offering to help those less fortunate
9. Honest - He can be blunt, or embarrass his wife, but never tells a lie
10. He plays my games 
11. Generous - Except with his cupcakes
12. Smells Amazing
13. Can say he is Sorry 
14. Knows how to have a good time - Karaoke!
15. Silly - Ask him to make up a song on the spot... you will see what I mean
16. Brave - He always checks out the bumps in the night
17. Loyal 
18. He loves songs you get to yell when you sing 
19. Smart - Still remembers how to do every math equation
20. Athletic - He can still bust out back-handsprings and flips with no problem
21. Curious - He MUST know how it works and why
22. He lets me be me - Never once has he asked me to be different than I am
23. Hard Working - Even on his days off he is working on something
24. Authentic - I don't think he could be fake if he wanted to
25. Supportive 
26. Loving
27. Gentle - I love to see him with kids, he is so sweet
28. So Cute - I never get jealous when girls check him out... how could I blame them?
29. FUN - Never a dull moment in the last 3 years, or I'm sure the 29 of his life

Happy Birthday Babe!

Here are some of my favorite Colin Videos....