Saturday, August 30, 2008

Martha Stewart

I have only shared with Colin my concerns with Ms. Martha. I feel that this is some sort of Wife/Motherly sin to have feelings of angst towards her. While I can't get enough of her crafting, meals and overall domestic wonders, I feel she is rough, unmannerly and a really bad "Me-Monster". Continually she interrupts her guests and is one-upping them... SO RUDE! Is this acceptable because she is so good at what she does? Am I the only one who feels this way?

Beside these disturbances I will continue to look at her website everyday, attempt her crafts and make her recipes. Below are photos of the latest attempted recipe... Strawberry Tart. Also, the after pictures of our side-tables done in the re-painting Martha style. Such a double-edged sword!


Tami said...

You're very Martha Stewart-ish!

Cheryl said...

I would say you are more Paula than Martha- I have never liked martha although she does have a staff of hundreds that think up and carry out her little projects...the strawberry tart looks so yum, I thought it was fake! way to go! love the tables too! bring a tart over would ya?

Church-a-rama said...

Um, thank you for hating how Martha interrupts her guests! I have always hated that. I love her stuff, but sometimes I get so annoyed with her mannerisms on the show that I have to change the channel for a minute. Of course, I always go back, but with a little irritation.
Your tart looks amazing. I wish we were neighbors so you could let me eat your leftovers.
And the table looks amazing. I remember you made that cute headboard before you got married. You are so crafty! I kind of love that kind of stuff too. Isn't that funny? We HATED craft time at girls camp. Oh well. Painting tables is much more fun that painting beads any day (except you can't wear the table around your neck).
Thanks for sharing your blog with me. I had no idea you were such a great blogger. I will be a frequent diner.

Tami said...

I disagree with Cheryl, Paula only cooks! Martha's got the whole package! You are very Martha without the ex-con part!

Brannon and Leslie said...

I finally found your blog and you've had it since April? What?? And you posted a picture of me in my jammies? Hilarious. Love the karaoke post. Love the new look of the bedroom. You need to come do an extreme makeover of my bedroom. I promise I'll cry during the reveal.

Valarie said...

Don't feel guilty! I love her magazine but can't watch the show...I liked it much better when it was just her and not guests...your bedroom looks great!