Sunday, May 25, 2008


I use this term quite a bit. I realize that not everyone understands what I am talking about. I think that Brian Regan described it best. But, like all monsters, there are good ones and bad ones. For Example....

Good Me-Monsters

Alexis - Couldn't be more fun and more "my type". I can always count on a good laugh and entertainment when I'm with her. What qualifies her as a me-monster, she LOVES to talk about herself, loves to discuss her likes and dislikes, loves to share her opinion and feelings on any subject and wants credit for doing just about anything. The thing is she is totally aware of it and doesn't need to be a brat about it.

Laura - The little Sis is a perfect example. There aren't enough pictures or videos in the world to make her happy. Case in point: One Thanksgiving my parents and grandparents came to Arizona and we all stayed in my parents time-share together. The first night my grandpa left his new digital camera out on the counter. Laura couldn't get enough of taking pictures of herself and looking at them (this was when digital cameras were new). The bad thing was that she couldn't figure out how to erase them. The next morning explaining 150 random pictures to my grandpa was pretty funny. This is only one story from the girl who never runs from cameras.

Side Note: They are both going to love having their pictures on the blog... I love you girls!

Bad Me-Monsters... Need I say more?


Cheryl said...

Love your posts! Please update us with more from life with Colin and Mary!

Cheryl said...

love the new look!